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I am no longer a feminist | New Black Woman

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Immersing myself into blogging has given me unfettered access to a wide variety of viewpoints, writing styles and people I’ve come to admire for their expertise. It’s also given me a chance to solidify my belief that everyone deserves a chance to live a happy, healthy life.

However, over the past three years, I’ve grown disappointed at the rejection, appropriation, elimination and arrogance exhibited by traditional feminist spaces with regards to women of color, our opinions and life experiences. I’ve watched how feminists silently sat by and allowed conservative white men to ruthlessly attack First Lady Michelle Obama and other prominent black women, rush to the aid and defense of Hillary Clinton and other white female leaders who’ve come under verbal assault from the right.

I’ve watched feminists, who are the main proponents of female solidarity and alliance, routinely fall silent as black women come under the attack by well-crafted media campaigns that question why we haven’t gone the traditional route women are encouraged to take by getting married and having babies.

I’ve watched feminist remain mum on the viral attacks on Amber Cole and other black girls whose bodies are commodified and exploited by society at large–and the black community on a smaller scale–for profit.

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