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Haitian teen gets four pound tumor removed from her Face

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By: Krystle Crossman

Hennglise Dorvial, age 15, had been living with a tumor on her face for four years. It began being the size of a pea. The tumor had grown to weigh four pounds by the time she had surgery to remove it.

Dorvial is from Haiti. She was part of a program called Operation Smile, which is a charity that helps children from all over the world that have facial deformities. They give children the surgeries that they need and cover all of the finances that go along with it. Dorvial’s surgery was performed by a team of doctors in Virginia.

The ameloblastoma began growing in the sinus area. It was benign, so there was no cancer to worry about. Three surgeons removed the tumor during a 12 hour surgery. Most of the funding for the surgery came from Larry O’Reilly who owns O’Reilly’s Auto Parts. He had met Dorvial during a trip to Haiti in 2011. The Operation Smile project was founded by Dr. William McGee who was one of the surgeons that operated on her. He said that it was the largest one that he had ever taken out.

Dorvial told FoxNews in an interview that the brave young lady was not nervous at all about the surgery. She told them that she wanted to look in the mirror and not look the same as she had before. The doctors say that the vision in her left eye is likely never to return. The tumor did not grow into the base of the skull which helped immensely with the facial reconstruction. During the surgery, they needed to reposition a bone in her lower left jaw and they are expecting that a follow-up surgery will be needed because of how the tumor had moved the bone.

Dorvial’s mother Yvrose is excited to go back to Haiti to show friends and family the results of the surgery. She stated that Hennglise has not been able to go to school since the fifth grade because of the tumor.