Grieving Family Accepts Missing Teen’s Diploma, Kidnapper Faces Life In Prison

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The family members of 17 year old Alexis Murphy have accepted the girls high school diploma on her behalf She is presumed dead.

Alexis Murphy

Reported by Krystle Crossman

It was a bittersweet day on Saturday, May 18th, for the family of 17-year-old Alexis Murphy. They brought her cap and gown to her high school and accepted her diploma on her behalf. On August 3, 2013, Alexis went missing. Her body was never found but her disappearance was ruled as a hοmicide. A man named Randolph Taylor, 48, was arrested and found guilty for her abduction and murder.

The Murphy family made their way to Nelson County High School in Virginia. They somberly stepped up on the stage to accept the accolade that their daughter would never get the chance to accept with all of her friends and peers. Students all through the school decorated their caps in memory of Alexis.
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Many were seen wearing pink ribbons in her honor. Alexis’ family was honored that the school and the community were willing to award her with the diploma. They said it showed that everyone was behind them and supporting them through this tough time.

Randolph Taylor is charged with kidnapping and murdering Alexis Murphy.

Randolph Taylor

On August 3rd, Alexis made one last tweet at 6:40 pm that stated “I actually look cute right now.” After that, she was picked up on surveillance footage at a gas station around 7:15pm. There was no word from her after that. Her Nissan was found abandoned three days later. Police found the car in Charlottesville, which is 39 miles away from the gas station where she was last seen. Just two miles from where her car was found, surveillance footage picked up video of Taylor in an adult video store on the same day. A witness from the gas station said that they saw Taylor in a truck opposite from the gas station where Alexis was last seen.

Sentencing for Taylor will be decided in the summer of 2014. Prosecutors are recommending two life sentences.