Florida Babysitter Gets Fed Up With Kids and Draws Knife on Them

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A Florida babysitter who’d had enough of the kids she was babysitting drew a knife on them Nancy_Pierrebefore leaving them home alone.

Nancy Pierre, 36, was charged with four counts of child neglect after she told the kids “I am sick and tired of you” before leaving them to fend for themselves.

Around 8:30pm on Wednesday, one of the children was found by a motorist wandering the streets, according to the Sun Sentinel.

The child, whose name and sεx have not been released, told the Good Samaritan driver that it was looking for its mother but didn’t have a number to call. At the children’s home, there were no phones so they couldn’t have called 911.

The children told West Palm Beach police that their parents were working and that Pierre was supposed to be watching them. The child also admitted to police that Pierre pulled a knife on them and told them to “Have fun and do whatever you want in the house.”

When police found Pierre she admitted that she was babysitting the kids but said she only left after the kid’s father arrived home. Officers then informed Pierre that the kid’s father was in Fort Lauderdale and still hadn’t arrived home. Pierre then said she had no choice but to leave the kids because her own son had had an asthma attαck.

Finally, she admitted that it was “poor judgement” to leave the kids alone by themselves.