Father Attαcks Daughter for Choosing Black Boy as Dance Partner

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National Geographic recently published a cover story featuring an image of what the average American will look like once the “browning” of this country is complete. As America Aranzabecomes less white and more blended, the assumption is that there will be less racial antagonism. However, racial antagonism isn’t just about white people versus everyone else, as one Houston father proved.

Police allege that Aaron Aranza, 37, attαcked his 14 year old daughter after she chose a black boy as her dance partner. At issue was the girl’s quinceañera, a traditional party to celebrate her 15th birthday. Girls are responsible for choosing their dance partners for the event and Aranza was outraged that his teen daughter chose a black boy.

After Aranza learned that his daughter had chosen her black friend as her dance partner at the Mexican event, Aranza told guests at the rehearsal that the event was canceled. He then insulted the black boy, calling him a racial slur and telling him, “I don’t care that you are a kid.”

He also asked his daughter if she was certain of her decision.

“Are you serious?” he asked.

Once Aranza had made a scene, he took his daughter into the residence, whιpped her with a belt, then threw her, injuring her arm. Witnesses also report that Aranza drαgged her across the front lawn before leaving as well.

Aranza left the scene before police could arrive. He was later arrested and is being held on $20,000 bond.