Exοtic Dancer Fired From Her Job After National Coverage of Lawsuit Filed By Former Customer

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Robert Wallace is suing Nomi mims the stripper has since lost her job.

Robert Wallace and Nomi mims

We previously reported a story about a Houston, TX stripper named Nomi Mims who is being sued by one of her former customers in small claims court.  Now Mims will be filing for unemployment because she has been fired from her job at the adult club named Treasures.

The situation occurred when a man named Robert Wallace patronized Treasures, sparked a relationship with Mims, and then filed a lawsuit against Mims in small claims court for a laptop, 40 DVDs, and $1800.

Mims claims that those items were given to her as gifts, while Robert Wallace claims that he “loaned” her the items in question.

Mims claims her employer terminated her because she mentioned their name on television.

An attorney for the club states that Mims was fired “after showing up demanding personal contact information for another dancer.”

IT professional Wallace, 32, stands by his story that he was in a full-fledged relationship with Mims and claims that he was much more than a customer.  He stated, “We were going out.  We were intimate. We had sëx. We were building a future together.”

Mims claims she was being a good sales person and was just doing her job.  She stated that there will be no refunds on the “booty and bοobs.”

Wallace and Mims have received offers to battle out their problems on national television.  Reportedly Judge Greg Mathis and the “People’s Court” have reached out to the two.