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Destiny’s Child member says Mathew Knowles booted her for wanting her own manager

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Reported By Liku Zelleke

Before Beyoncé there was “Destiny’s Child“. The R&B group had managed to garner a following that spanned the whole world before they broke up and the ladies went their separate ways.


Although the lineup of the group would change through the years that they were active, one girl that was in the original one was LaTavia Roberson.

Roberson shared in the early success of the group before she and LeToya Lucket were replaced by Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin in 2000.

Now, Roberson, who is being cast as a member on “R&B Divas: Atlanta“, sat down with Wendy Williams to share about where she is now and the mystery that led to her exit from “Destiny’s Child“.

“I definitely did not quit. Who would quit ‘Destiny’s Child’? That’s insane,” she said.

In fact, Roberson explained, she and Luckett wanted to hire their own manager to deal with their personal careers. But, when they brought the idea to the attention to the group’s manager, Mathew Knowles, they were replaced.

“Our conflict was strictly with management. It had nothing to do with the other ladies at all. We didn’t have anything against Beyoncé and Kelly [Rowland] at all,” Roberson told Wendy. “At that time, Mathew was our personal manager and he was everybody’s group manager. We disaffirmed him as our personal manager. We wanted to have someone actually to come in and manage along with him. We weren’t trying to fire him as the group’s manager.”

Like was highly rumored, Roberson said that she found out that she had been replaced when she saw the video for “Say My Name“.

“It was crazy. It was painful,” she said.

The new mom says that she is now writing a memoir and still earning royalties from the many songs she had written for “Destiny’s Child“.

“I wrote on albums, publishing. Yes, ma’am,” Roberson said.