Democrat Who Wanted Obama Impeached Loses Primary

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Texas Democrat Kesha Rogers is a member of the conspiratorial Lyndon LaRouche group and Kesha_Rogersthe more she talked during her run for Congress, the more she became a problem for local Democrats. So they all must have been breathing a sigh of relief when Rogers lost her Democratic primary runoff in the Texas’ Senate race.

“Now is the time to speak the truth, frankly and boldly. Unless the Democratic Party follows my lead, and immediately and publicly breaks with Wall Street, and crushes its fascist genocidal program, this nation will soon be lost. Obama can, and must be removed, immediately. Wall Street can, and must be crushed,” Rogers wrote in a statement about her campaign platform.

Most Democrats have no problem with holding Wall Street accountable for extracting billions in wealth from the global financial system, but they also recognize Obama as America’s duly elected president. Rogers, however, does not, as she made clear with her comparisons of Obama to Hitler.

“I’m appealing to voters by actually telling the truth. Mr. LaRouche made the clear forecast or warning about the character of President Obama as being similar to Adolf Hitler and [the Roman emperor] Nero,” Rogers said in an earlier interview.

Rogers lost to Dallas dentist David Alameel. Rogers did, however, still garner 22 percent of the vote, which says a lot about the Texas electorate.
Leadership at the Texas Democratic Party are reportedly upset that Rogers ran and served as a distraction, forcing them to spend money to defeat her in the primary.