Community Steps Up to Help Mom Pay for Infant’s Funeral

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An Ohio mom says she was ecstatic when her son was born, so when the infant passed away on Tristian_Hall.jpgMother’s Day, she was devastated.

“He was the best baby.  He was so happy all the time,” Brittany Hall told 19 Action News.

Tristian was only two months old when, during a visit at his father’s home, he stopped breathing and passed away.

“They were cuddled up like he was trying to protect him from falling off the bed.  The baby was on a pillow on his stomach.  I guess he didn’t know that you are not supposed to do that with a baby – lay a baby on a pillow on his stomach when it’s time to go to sleep,” explained Hall.

She says Tristian’s father explained to her that the baby passed away while the two of them were fast asleep.

“I said, what happened?  He said, we were sleeping – all I did was put him to sleep, and we went to sleep.  Oh my God,” says Hall.

Hall says she wanted to give her son a nice burial but didn’t have the money to make it happen.

“I just need help.  I want my baby to be buried the correct way.  His funeral was supposed to be today, but I didn’t have the funds.  I want him to be put in the ground the right way and for it to be peaceful. I want it all done for him.  Just for him,” explained Hall.

Since Hall was in the Shaw High School Marching band, band members created a fund for her at a local bank.

Food Critic Jason Beudert with A Special Wish Foundation got hold of the story and agreed to help Hall raise the funds needed to bury her child.

“It might seem like a giant thing for the family but it’s a small gesture for our foundation and we were really glad that we were in the right place at the right time,” Buedert said. “I’ll tell you she breathed a sigh of relief and that was worth its weight in gold right there.”