Celebrities are gaining ground in Asian-dominated beauty industry

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A few years ago, before I walked into a beauty supply store I knew exactly what to expect.

An Asian owned establishment where they hardly spoke English, were constantly trying to overcharge me for products and didn’t know enough about what they were selling. I would only leave the store more frustrated than I came.  I remember wondering why African-Americans did not dominate this industry. We were buying all the products. I was ready to see more black women selling products that could help my hair grow long and healthy.

Today, I’ve noticed that many hair supply stores owners are starting to break away from hiring friends and family and brining in those who know best. In fact black women are not only being hired to work in the stores, they are creating their own online hair care products and beauty products. Thank goodness for youtube, it’s created a platform for black women to share products and information about hair care as well.



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