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Can Time Heal All Wounds in Relationships?

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By Leroy Scott

People that hurt you take things from you that only time can replace.  That’s an exert from my book “Unbreaking the Heart”, a book that helps you forgive anybody for anything in five simple steps.  I recently took my kids to visit the National African American Museum in Memphis, Tennessee.  As I walked on the grounds I felt so overwhelmed as I stood in the place Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered.

As I stood in the room where Dr. King had stayed the day he was murdered and looked out the window to the adjacent building that was identified as the place where the shooter shot from, I began to think about forgiveness.  Were we really over this tragedy, had we really moved forward and are our hearts really healed?

Then it dawned on me and I began to realize that time can heal wounds, but only when people in time initiate action that prompts change.  Martin Luther King was in Memphis to help African American men, who were underpaid sanitation workers, organize a march in protest of their degrading wages. It was those men, who decided to stand up for themselves. They wore signs that spoke to their dignity and integrity. Signs that simply read, “I AM A MAN”. They initiated a movement in time and at a particular time that would eventually cause time to stand still for a second, as America’s leading Civil Rights Advocate suffered the heartless piercing of an explosive bullet that would lead him to his death.

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