British Millionaire fathered 7 children with women being held against their will

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April Taylor

The DailyMail is reporting that Shoja Shojai, a 56 year old British millionaire, has fathered seven children with women who were aspiring models.  He allegedly kept the women at Costa del Sol harem against their will after meeting many of them in London and wooing them by telling the women he was a friend of Brack Obama and Vladmir Putin as well as an oil tycoon.  Shojai has been arrested by Spanish police after being called to his rentedArabian-style palace in Marbella by one of the women who filed a domestic violence claim.  Since the domestic violence claim, nine other women who were living at the mansion are now accusing Shojai of emotionally and physically abusing them.
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  The women report that they met Shojai at a London fashion school where he promised to help them become established in the fashion industry.  The women come from multiple countries including Russia, Germany, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan.

After being lured to the mansion, the models says that they were only allowed to leave if they were escorted by one of Shojai’s drivers.  They were also required to report to him where they were going and how long they would be gone.  Some of the wealthier women were reportedly forced to pay the rent on the property they were held in.  Officers who searched the mansion also found the date rate drug Rohypnol.  Due to this finding, the investigating judge in the case has requested that all the women take drug tests.  The women will also undergo psychological evaluations that will also be reported to the judge.

The children Shojai fathered are between the ages of nine months and seven years old.  It is being alleged that Shojai threatened to harm the children if the women did not comply with his demands.  Shojai is denying that he held the women against their will or that he abused any of them.