Black Girls’ Needs Get Ignored as the POTUS Focuses On Black Boys

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As president OBama focuses on Black boys Black girls issues are often left off of the table of discussion.


Reported by April Taylor

All too often, the stories of black women who are murdered or go missing do not get the media attention they deserve.  Jazelle Hunt recently reported on the stories of some of these women through the District Chronicle.  Relisha Rudd is an eight-year-old girl who went missing along with 51-year-old Khalil Tatum who was babysitting the girl.  One month after their disappearance, Tatum was found dead, but Rudd has never been found.

Another case that did receive some media attention, but then quickly faded is the story of Teleka Patrick, a 30-year old medical resident who lived in Michigan.  In the days preceding her disappearance, Patrick had some mental health issues. Her body was later recovered from a lake, and the circumstances surrounding her death are still a mystery.

A similarly baffling case is the one of 22-year-old Karyn Washington. Washington is the founder of the widely recognized For Brown Girls blog, which promoted self-love for black women and spoke out against colorism.  Investigators believe Washington committed suicide.

Monique Morris, who is an author and president of the National Black Women’s Justice Institute stated to District Chronicles that while black men and boys have more than a billion dollars invested annually in making services uniquely available to them, “black girls are under the radar.”  This may be partly due to the fact that black girls score higher on standardized math and reading tests than black boys, and they have lower rates of use of tobacco and alcohol than their white peers.  However, 4 out of every 10 black girls will not finish high school.  Even worse is that 6 out of every 10 black girls experience some form of sëxual assault prior to age 18.

Black girls have complex issues that stem from both their race and gender.  Hunt points out that it is important that black girls have the opportunity to learn about how these issues impact their lives, so they can be empowered to overcome them and no longer remain voiceless victims.



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