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African Author asks: Was Jesus really a black man?

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by Brian Skyz

This has been a hard nut to crack for many. Many theories have been brought up to justify the race of Jesus Christ, although the Bible does have clear proof about the true race of Jesus. Trying to justify that Lord Jesus is black is difficult, as the Bible tells us in Genesis 1: 27 that we were made in the image and likeness of God. Jesus is the son of God and thus our brother and friend. Since we were all made in the express image of God and Jesus our brother, it is then obvious that He is neither a black nor a white man.

Jesus Himself does not look at us from the perspective of ethnicity, so why does it have to be such an issue about His ethnicity? Jesus’ ethnicity has created a feverish pitch amongst many of different denominations. However this should not be the case. The issue is do we believe in Him and the fact that He is the Messiah?

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