Abortionist who said he wanted to kill “ugly black babies” is charged with rape

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A North Carolina abortionist, who bragged two years ago that he was doing the public a service by taking the life of unborn black babies, has finally got his comeuppance, after he was arrested this week on charges of rαping a woman he invited into his home.Ashutosh Virmani, 60, was arrested on Wednesday after a 49-year-old woman alleged that he had invited her into his home but assaulted her before she was allowed to leave.

After the woman told police of her ordeal, Virmani was promptly arrested, taken to Mecklenberg County Jail, N.C., and charged with one count of second degree rαpe and two counts of second degree sxual offense. He was released the following day, after paying bail bond of $150,000 but will appear in court for his arraignment later this week.

READ MORE via Abortionist who said he wanted to kill “ugly black babies” is charged with rape – Christian Blog – Christian Blog.


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