A 28-Year-Old Black Woman Is Dominating Hip-Hop, Pop, And Rock

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Ester Dean is the songwriter behind some of the most hit records recorded by Rihanna and Nicki Minaj

Ester Dean

Reported by Krystle Crossman

You may recognize Ester Dean from the 2012 hit movie Pitch Perfect playing as the character Cynthia-Rose. What you may not realize is that you hear Dean’s work all over the place. This 28-year-old music maven has written dozens of hit songs for several different award-winning artists.

Starting in her teens, Dean began writing and has written and produced songs for artists such as Katy Perry, Rihanna, T.I., and Mary J. Blige. She has a style that is unique and can get you moving. Her songs are a “bump and grind” style but more upbeat.
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Sometimes she goes off of the beaten path and writes songs such as “Firework” performed by Katy Perry.

One of her most recent claims to fame is being the writer, producer, and performer for the hit song “Let Me Take You to Rio” from the movie titled Rio 2. No matter what radio station you are listening to, you are sure to hear one of her songs. Here is a list of some of her most popular works:

  • “Mr. Know it All” performed by Kelly Clarkson
  • “Peacock” performed by Katy Perry
  • “Rude Boy” performed by Rihanna
  • “Letting Go (Dutty Love)” performed by Sean Kingston
  • “I Love You This Big” performed by Scotty McCreary
  • “Super Bass” performed by Nikki Minaj

Dean was signed to Interscope Records for her incredible voice as well. She produced one single with Chris Brown in 2009 titled “Drop it Low.” It did well, but it wasn’t a chart topper. She ended up breaking off her relationship with Interscope and is hoping to pursue more personal endeavors at this point. With her list of credentials, it would be hard to imagine that she wouldn’t be able to find work if she needed it.