8 Reasons Why the Mainstream Hates to Love Black Women

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Art by Adam Munoa For Harriet discusses 8 reasons to love Black women.

Art by Adam Munoa

Reported by Krystle Crossman

In the midst of unwavering racism that is still prevalent in the country today, For Harriet writer Jolie Doggett decided to write out a list of things that people should love about black women because she feels that people just don’t seem to understand.

Check out the list below:

1. History: Black women have incredible histories. Their grandparents were part of the Underground Railroad. They brought the slaves to freedom. Their relatives have broken through the color barriers in schools and public places and ended segregation.

2. Individuality: Black women are unique and individual. They all have different skin tones, personalities, and values.

3. Confidence: Black women have confidence that is hated by many. People tend to feel that a confident black woman is someone who is stuck on herself. This is very far from the truth. Often women are told that they are too loud or are too aggressive. Is there something wrong with a woman wanting to be heard?

4. Resilience: Black women have had to endure many different hardships throughout their lives, even today. Black woman are resilient and know how to bounce back from anything. They love to laugh in the face of adversity and don’t hide the fact that they have turned things around.

5. Hair: Black women have been able to create some amazing hairstyles both with natural hair and with weaves.

6. Grace: Black women age gracefully. Very gracefully. Think about Jada Pinkett-Smith, Tina Turner, and Chaka Khan.

7. Curves: Black women are born with natural curves that some others would pay a lot of money to have. Sadly, many black women grow up thinking that the best curves that they possess are a curse because of what the media and society says is “normal” and “beautiful”.

8. Skin: Lastly is the skin. Black women have amazing skin. There is no way to duplicate the tones that they have on their bodies. It is hard sometimes for black women to find a foundation that is the same color as their skin tone because make-up companies make limited shades.