6 Year Old Chicago Boy Rescues Friend From Abduction

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A local Chicago boy is being heralded as a hero after saving his neighbor from a man who tried toKaylen_Woodard.jpg abduct her.

Local affiliate KMOV reports that on Thursday evening six year old Kaylen Woodard was outside playing with his 10 year old neighbor, Marcy, when a man drove up, got out of his car, and tried to snαtch the girl.

“The only way she got away is because I kιcked him in the back of the leg and the outside of his leg,” said Kaylen.

Police say the children were only about 20 feet away from home when the incident occurred.

“She was riding her scooter. I was riding my bike,” 6-year-old Kaylen told abc7Chicago.

“He tried to hold her mouth,” added Kaylen.

Marcy’s mother tried to find the man who was driving the white convertible but was unsuccessful.

“She was running with the scooter in her hand,” said Tracey Edwards. “She came in the house and she was panting. And she was explaining that a man had grαbbed her.”

Around his neighborhood, Kaylen is a real life hero.

“I’m very proud of him. I can’t stop talking about him. I’m still in a state of shock. Still by him being so young and he did that for a friend. That’s amazing,” said Diana Blakely.

Police say the suspect is a Hispanic male between the ages of 18 and 20 with light skin and dark hair. Authorities are hoping that someone saw something that will lead to the man’s arrest.