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3 Types of Women Who Will Never Be In a Healthy Relationship

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by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide”

No matter what anyone says, everyone wants companionship. That companionship can be created with a person and/or an animal; but no matter who or what it’s with, we all want it.

The same way there are some people who are unfit for parenting, there are also people who are unfit for relationships. As it pertains to women, who, scientifically speaking, are more receptive to loving and nurturing beings than men, there are some who have so many loose ties from their past that these things still haunt them in their future. At some point and time, they may have had their heartbroken by a man (probably their father first); they may have never seen men and women interact with one another in a loving way, so they don’t know how to be a loving partner in a relationship; or they may have also been taught that the world is centered around them and anyone who doesn’t agree with that is irrelevant. No matter what sparked uncomfortable situations in these women’s lives, unless they find the necessary path to overcome those obstacles, they are unfit for a relationship.

Check out the three examples of women who are unfit for relationships below:

The woman who wants to think like a man. Any heterosëxual woman who believes thinking like a man is the best way to securing a relationship with a man is wrong.

READ MORE via 3 Types of Women Who Will Never Be In a Relationship | | It’s More than Something to Do.


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