3 Reasons Why You Should Leave the Cameras Out of the Bedroom

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by Patrice Danielle

As someone who has never been a fan of pοrn or understood how it can be a turn on for people, I definitely have never considered being filmed in the bedroom. The main reason for this is because I don’t have any interest in seeing myself on film knockin’ the boots.
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Another reason that may be the most important one, is the possibility of the tape being lost, found, or leaked!!

Amongst many things to consider, I think celebrities have shown us all that the main consequence couples face after a sëx tape is released is embarrassment. This goes for people who are and are not famous. We all have people that we would not want seeing us on film having sëx, so this consequence could affect everyone!

Here are three ways in which a sëx tape can come back to haunt you:

1 – Revenge- When two people are in love, it’s easy for them to glaze over the fact that there could be a day when the two of them have parted ways and can’t stand each other’s guts. In this case, one can run the risk of their ex-significant other showing their once “private” tape to the world. With social media being as prominent as it is, all it takes is one post to Instagram or Facebook before all your loved ones, co-workers, and strangers know all your business — and some.

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