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19-year old’s racism prank: An old white man saying “get to the back of the bus”

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Reported By Liku Zelleke

What would you do if, while on a bus, a white man came up to a black woman and told her to get up and move to the back of the bus “where she belonged”? How would you react if you found a video online of the incident?

One such video did appear online. The cell phone footage captured all of it, including the man saying, “See? This is why we need Donald Sterling.”

Many people fell for the prank, and that is what it was: a prank by Zaida Pugh. Many people and eve media outlets fell for it and their comments of outrage showed it.

When asked why she would go to such extremes, Pugh said, “It’s like a wake-up call. The stuff that happens in society today that we try not to pay too much mind on like racism or like before, I did a video of AIDS and stuff and being protected. It’s stuff that happens like every day and we don’t really talk about it much.”

“Or we talk about it, but we don’t do anything. My pranks kind of wake up people up and also see how people feel about an issue. I want to see how people feel about it and see what they have to say and how do they react to it, and also I’m trying to do something different from most pranksters and have some kind of meaning to it,” she added.

Pugh says that she tries to make sure that no one is hurt during her pranks. She also says that she gets ideas for her pranks from things that interest her or those that are currently trending – just like the Donald Sterling controversy gave her the material for her bus prank.

Pugh said that she started making the videos when she was 16 and after she had given birth to her son.
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Her mother told her that she needed to do something with her life after seeing that she was depressed.

Pugh asked herself what she would like to do.

She loved acting, and so, the prankster was born.