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18-year old stops his mother from drowning his two baby sisters

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Reported by Liku Zelleke

Dallas, TX: Guardian angels come in many shapes and forms. In the case of two girls aged 4 and 6, it came in the form of their 18-year-old brother.

The brother, Jydesmon Gardner, was walking by the apartment where his sisters lived with their mother when he heard screams. He then forced himself into the house and was faced with a horrifying scene when he walked into the bathroom.

Their mother, Sonya Ann Gardner, 35, was trying to drown her two young daughters in the bathtub, just because they had asked for snacks.

According to police reports obtained from the testimonies of neighbors and witnesses, Jydesmon fired a warning shot and grabbed his 4-year-old sister and carried her out and away from the apartment. When the young hero returned for his 6-year-old sister, he found that the mother had locked the front door. Left with no alternative he kicked it in. He then went in, grabbed the second girl and ran from the apartment.

The mother, according the arrest warrant affidavit, later told police that, earlier in the evening, she had smoked marijuana that had been laced with PCP.

The affidavit also stated that the 6-year-old child said, “We were fixing to die.” She also added that her mother had tried to “drown us in the bath.”

Both girls were kept with neighbors until the police arrived and were later taken into the custody of Child Protective Services (CPS).

Meanwhile, there are no signs of the children’s rescuer, Jydesmon Gardener. The young man hasn’t been seen or heard of since the occurrence of the incident. There are reports that he has gone into hiding as there is an outstanding parole violation warrant against him from an unrelated case.

Police Major Rob Sherwin said, “It appears that his actions may have saved the lives of these two children.” He also appealed to him to turn himself in for questioning as a witness.

Meanwhile, Sonya Ann Gardner is in jail on a $1 million bond on two counts of attempted capital murder of a child. No attorney has been listed for her.


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