Why Didn’t Tina Campbell Keep Her Husband’s Cheating Private?

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tina-teddyBy Nigel Boys

WE tv’s reality television series, Mary Mary, which entered its third season this year, featuring the gospel singing duo Erica and Tina Campbell, is now unfolding to its viewers the hurt that Tina felt when she found out about the philandering ways of her husband, Teddy Campbell.

However, is this what the viewers should be allowed to experience, wasn’t it enough that she shared almost everything in her interview with Ebony magazine last year?

According to Cheryl Hamilton, a Christian therapist from Milwaukee, it’s not good for a supposed Christian woman and entertainer to air all her problems in public. She added that some situations are best handled at home, out of the eye of the scrutinizing general public.

According to the online magazine, EEW, the message that Tina is sending to her fans and supporters, is that Christians cannot handle their problems without sharing them with everyone they see.
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It added that this is not the way a gospel artist, who should be sharing the Word of God, should be seen behaving, because far from turning people towards the Lord, it is more likely to put them off Christianity altogether.

The public response has been varied, but most of the comments showed that the readers think that Tina should keep her private life, private.

Tina should keep private what she is going through with her husband, wrote a commenter named Aubrey. She added the gospel artist should not open her doors to the general public, but let God help them solve their problems in private.

However, good or bad idea, on the April 10 airing of the reality show, Tina is seen as an emotionally disturbed woman, instead of a faithful Christian, when she shares with her sister, in tears and anger, how her husband has betrayed her.

“You stole my life away from me! I’m angry! Why you gotta do me like this? I was good to you, man. I was good to you!” Tina shares with her sister and viewers of the show. “I don’t want him. He don’t deserve me,” she continues, while enforcing her views by pounding the kitchen countertop in front of her sister.

Although Erica advises her to pray to God for help, Tina rejects her advice and tells her that she is not like Jesus and just wants to get everything out into the open.