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Whoopi Goldberg Has Nasty Words For Kenya Moore

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whoopi-rantThe Bravo TV reality series The Real Housewives of Atlanta recently had its reunion for its sixth season. The fight between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore was so shocking that even the ladies from The View had to weigh in. The verbal argument turned physical once Moore began to make comments toward Williams about her character. Moore, never one to hide her feelings, made sure to make her sentiments clear with a bullhorn. Outright saying to Williams, “You are a dumb ho. Shut up.”   Williams immediately got off the couch in her gown to address Moore’s statement. Soon after, with a hair yank from Williams on Moore’s weave, a fight ensued and both women were on the floor.

The cast from The View showed the clip to do a recap of what took place during the argument and fight. According to Eurweb (Electronic Urban News), it appears that the cast from The View is Team Porsha. Sherri Shepard, co-host of The View spoke in response to Moore’s behavior that night, “But Kenya, I’m not excusing you either because you had a scepter that you kept putting in people’s faces…What are you teaching the little girls who look up to you?” Shepard makes it a point to also hold Williams responsible for her actions. However, it seems that the ladies from The View are more appalled with the way Moore coerced Williams. Whoopi Goldberg also had something to say to Moore, “I will ask you Kenya, do you think it was okay for you to provoke people? Because if you’re worried about your image  and how people are gonna see you, I don’t know if messing with people like this is the right thing to do.”

It seems like Moore cannot redeem her own character, even with her statement released after the fight. Moore’s statement reads, “there are little girls who look up to me. I would never want those girls, my nieces or my future children to see me fighting.”

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