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Walmart First to Carry “Positively Perfect” Dolls

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perfect-dollsDr. Lisa Williams, founder and creator of Positively Perfect dolls, offers young African American girls a doll line that represents their true beauty. Positively Perfect dolls are counter to the standard Barbie doll who is often White with blonde hair and blue eyes. Williams even takes it a step further, making sure that her dolls are not reflections of a White barbie doll simply painted brown. With her care and awareness to the variety of hues, shapes, and features African American girls carry, she has painstakingly made a line that girls of a darker shade can relate too.

In her interview with the Grio, Williams explains her awareness of capturing the distinctness of African American female beauty:  “I start from scratch, I sketch them out. I know how those lips should look, I know how the brown of their eyes should be. I know about the fullness of the lips, the shape of the face, I know that because it’s in my heart and in my vision and that’s what differentiates our dolls from anyone else. So when people see them they see and feel that difference.”

Dr. Lisa Williams, a successful business woman, began Positively Perfect Dolls to address the lack of positive images for multicultural children.

On a personal level, Dr. Williams witnessed the impact of a society that devalues and dehumanizes young black girls. She spoke openly about watching a CNN segment discussing the impacts of white cultural values on the psyche of young black girls. The girls were asked to choose between white or darker skinned dolls and were questioned about their preference: ““One little [black] girl broke my heart, she looked at the brown doll and said the doll was ugly. I cried, it broke my heart…For her to say something like that it shows you how deep those sentiments are in our culture.”

Dr. Williams did not have much experience in manufacturing she says she makes up for this in “passion and love and commitment for our children.” Positively Perfect Dolls are now sold in every Wal-mart across the country. The dolls range from $10-20 and are meant to reflect the deep value and beauty of African American girls.

Itoro Udofia is a first generation Nigerian writer, educator and singer/songwriter. You can find her work and follow her at