Unbelievable: Deaf Woman Robbed at Gunpoint, No One Helped Her

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Shakira Magee was robbed at gunpoint in Detroit. She is deaf.

Shakira Magee

Reported by Liku Zelleke

There comes a time in life when we are forced to confront our decency. A decent act of kindness, lending a hand when needed or simply dialing 911, when we see someone else in trouble, are some of the things that should be a natural part of us, as civilized human beings and as something that distinguishes us from animals.

Take the case of Shakira Magee and how she was let down by those around her.

Magee is a deaf woman. She was robbed at a gas station in Detroit and not a single soul offered to dial 911, let alone help her.

At the time of the robbery, Magee was waiting in the gas station for a nearby store to open. A man approached her and attempted to strike up a conversation with her. She couldn’t understand what he was trying to tell her, and let him know that she was deaf.

The unidentified man smiled at her and walked away. When he’d gone, Magee proceeded to text on her cell phone.

Moments later, the man returned. He pushed her, grabbed her phone and sped off in a car.

Magee then turned towards the gas station for help. She was crying uncontrollably as she approached an attendant. She scribbled a note asking for help and that he should dial 911 for her.

The man just shrugged off her pleas for help and continued about his business.

Magee in turn, walked home and didn’t report the robbery to the police because she thought that they wouldn’t consider it too important of a crime.

When Fox 2 News found out about Magee’s story, they contacted the gas station’s manager, Souna Hadi, who said that the attendant didn’t call the police because Magee left too soon. She also said that the incident was caught on surveillance camera and that the police could have it upon request.

Magee, understandably frustrated, said, “Why didn’t someone step up and help me? … It’s as simple as dialing the phone.”

The manager, on the other hand, says that they have learned their lesson and would make notebooks available to the station’s employees, should a similar situation arise.