The 10 worst things to happen to black people in the last 30 years

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by the Naturally Moi Team

Here is a list of the 10 worst things that have happened to black people over the last 30 years.  We don’t pretend to know everything, but this is our take:

1) Black Entertainment Television – BET set the stage for hours and hours of content that worked day and night to dumb down black America for the sake of earning an extra dollar or two.  Even Sheila Johnson, the wife of BET founder Bob Johnson, admitted that BET has increased the spread of HIV in the black community.  They did an even better job of spreading an increased appreciation for ignorance.

2) When women went from being queens and wives to b*tches, hoes and baby’s mamas – When you disrespect the woman from whom you came, you are disrespecting yourself.  Black men should know better than that.  But to those black women who are dancing to songs that call you out of your name, you are just as much to blame.

3) The CIA planting drugs in the black community – Did you know that there was substantial evidence uncovered during the Iran Contra hearings which stated that the CIA allowed drugs to come into black neighborhoods?  They probably didn’t teach that to you in your history class.

4) The mass incarceration crisis – If you are putting so many black fathers in prison for hundreds of years for even tiny offenses, what do you think is going to happen to their kids?  Where does sagging come from?  Why is HIV being spread so quickly among black women, mostly from men who’ve had sexx with men behind bars?  All of this is connected.

5) Reality television – Shows like Love & Hip-Hop, Real Housewives and Basketball Wives serve as daily instructional blueprints on how to create dysfunctional relationships.  They also teach little girls how to bully each other at school the next day.  We don’t know who the pack of wild animals are that are being featured on reality TV, but they aren’t related to us!

6) The easy availability of guns – When guns are everywhere and teenagers can get them, they are going to use them to shoot each other.  It’s simple math.

7) Fatherless households – The “independent black woman” can’t always raise a boy to be a man, no matter how hard she tries, and there’s no excuse for a deadbeat dad.  But doesn’t it just seem that people don’t even believe the father is valuable to the household anymore? When you act like the daddy doesn’t matter, you’re already messing your kids up for life.

8) The government killing Martin Luther King – A court ruled in 1999 that the government killed Martin Luther King. If a man who was so committed to non-violence was considered a threat that needed to die, then  most young black males don’t have a chance.  Dr. King’s death happened more than 30 years ago, but it was less than 30 years ago that we found out the truth in court.  The government was also responsible for all of the people who died in Hurricane Katrina.

9) The about-face of hip-hop music:  Hip hop used to be cool, fun, and politically empowering, until white corporations and ignorant black people took it over.  Now, it’s (as Dr Boyce Watkins said) “a non-stop infomercial on black male self-destruction.”  You think this happened by accident?  It didn’t.  The government doesn’t have to find a way to kill black men if they just save them the trouble and kill each other.

10) The NBA, NFL and all the other waterfalls being chased by black men:  For every one NBA player, there are a thousand guys who tried to get there.  Have you ever known a man who spent his whole life hoping to get to the NBA, while also spending his time drinking, smoking, womanizing and not learning how to read?  It’s a mess.  There is an imbalance between the educational achievement of black men and women, and professional sports is part of the reason for that.  A lot of black boys grow up thinking that their only chance to succeed is to become LeBron James or Jay-Z and most of them never get there.



  1. ana

    April 1, 2014 at 5:54 pm

    Wow! Black people need to wake up!

  2. kamau ngom

    April 1, 2014 at 7:30 pm

    There will always be “horror stories”. Those of us who claim to be God/self loving people have to continue to work for all that’s good and keep a balance that will help us survive the “craziness”.

  3. Black Empowerment

    April 1, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    If the list ever expands, include Clarence [UNCLE ThOM}as.

  4. Corbin

    April 1, 2014 at 8:19 pm

    There will always be something negative handed to the black community and this list will continue to grow.

  5. Jah Larry Dread

    April 1, 2014 at 8:45 pm

    “2) When women went from being queens and wives to b*tches, hoes and baby’s mamas – When you disrespect the woman from whom you came, you are disrespecting yourself. Black men should know better than that. But to those black women who are dancing to songs that call you out of your name, you are just as much to blame”…I agree %1000! Many years ago I attended a 70’s Halloween Party. On the dance floor with an attractive young lady when the DJ switched up to “Beat that Bitch with a Bat” the young lady asked to sit this one out. I noticed two other sisters walked off. The remaining sisters jumped up like this one the best thing since sliced bread. The bartender also female got heavy handed with the liquor (I was happy about that) as she danced and poured out the profit. As I watched the black women dance to level of holy-ghost trance I asked the young lady I was on the floor with, “are they listening to the lyrics?” Her answer, apparently not!

  6. ONE

    April 1, 2014 at 11:43 pm

    Excellent that’s what I thought.Hit on a lot of good points. Could have easily {and sadly} been a top 20. 1

  7. Wil May

    April 2, 2014 at 12:16 am

    Another important area impacting the Black community is the high dropout rate among young black males. Jobs are tough to get in a tight job market and virtually impossible if you are a pot smoking high school dropout. In addition, young black girl looking for love by having a baby and ending up with no baby daddy for marriage nor financial support for the baby. In some areas, we are regressing as black people. I might add, white people have a myriad of social problems as well, but my primary concern is with Black People.

  8. johnnie evans

    April 2, 2014 at 1:12 am

    A very large percentage of our problems or us individually. One of the best ways to stop drug abuse in our community is to stop using drug, thats it, all because someone is selling it don’t mean that you have to use it. And we need to make better choices in choosing career opportunities. And our men and women need to make better choices in choosing a mate, and stop choosing the worst of us and blame the best of us. Our biggest problem is us….

    • Dorothy

      May 27, 2014 at 10:19 pm

      This is true. Just because someone offer something…doesn’t mean we have to take it. We need to start accepting responsibility for ourselves and stop blaming others.

  9. Buckwheat

    April 2, 2014 at 1:19 am

    Black folk come off as “Chicken Georges and Peahens” Those who are shown in the media exemplify the “Bling” life style with their dress, language, cars, conduct, and professions!!! However, Amerika wouldn’t be the same without ’em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Zulu

    April 2, 2014 at 2:52 am

    The slave mentality was feed the body and starve the mind, since slavery and apartheid ended they gave us education but that education is not teaching black people about black people. I am from South Africa and till this day segregation is relevant, separate developments. Our own government fails us because of corruption. Black on black hate is the worse enemy now. How pathetic we hate our own kind but worship our oppressor. We have even adopted european culture that our own is viewed as barbaric. Education is important, our government decided to drop the pass rate to 30% for matriculants in this country meanwhile their children are educated overseas. I read my brothers text book he is in grade 9 and history has been messed up. They are not reading about our own people or their own culture. How will we know where we are going when we don’t know where we come from ?. South Africa has a lot of bad history and if we get educated about what happened we can surely avoid any future altercations and actually be united all black and white. Black people need to wake up and stop being comfortable to nothing !

    • aleximaq

      April 2, 2014 at 3:39 am

      I have been preaching the exact same thing for awhile now but I have found is….people actually like being lied to. The truth requires one to acknowledge, take responsibility for and institute a plan of action or correction. Now to the average Black person in this country…that is just too much work. Just look up at the comment above yours, from “Buckwheat”….that is what good meaning Black people like myself are fighting against as well as the greedy, demonic white people who just refuse to show any type of self control when it comes to anything…..

    • lolo

      April 2, 2014 at 6:31 am

      Zulu when you live in a world that is constantly reenforcing you are not white, you are not Good enough, case and point, watch the advertisement around you. in America, Europe, Middle East, Asia only the white skin is used in addddvertisement, this purposely done. Maintain control over your mind.
      The CIA is doing its job create doube, inderiority, self hatred, and disgust.
      My question is it working?

    • Tony Watt

      May 25, 2014 at 9:02 pm


  11. George Mcree

    April 2, 2014 at 8:44 am

    Eyebrow Arching needs to be on that list: Nowadays, too many of our beautiful Sistas are walking around looking Angry, Surprised, like Clowns or characters from Star Trek or Star Wars. Arching one’s eyebrows to enhance your look, is one thing, but to shave it off, and draw or tattoo it in the wrong place and in the wrong shape is just crazy. How many times have you seen a woman who looks angry, surprised Sistas: Please stop the Eyebrow Abuse!

    • Paula Oh

      April 2, 2014 at 8:22 pm

      George McGee, the Hispanics started that eyebrow drawing crap so do the blame that us.

    • Gussie

      May 25, 2014 at 7:57 pm

      Seriously ?

  12. Lifeilong

    April 2, 2014 at 8:49 am

    Unfortunately for black Americans time and social evolution, the white dollar…has altered on a massive scale the black DNA and cultural mind set of our people since the Civil War era after the pretense of being given freedom. It seems hopeless to recover from the brain washing centuries on black sisters and brothers who continuously feed at the devils table blinded by the poisons of a feast. Sadly, many are awake and still cannot see their reflection of true self worth, character and simply ignore responsibility to step up toward development as a community.
    Compared to other cultures that migrated to America black Americans have nothing to compete, contribute or inspire to the black generations of the future.

    • Tony Watt

      May 25, 2014 at 9:09 pm


  13. Muata Nowe

    April 2, 2014 at 11:35 am

    This commentary is RIGHT ON POINT. Of course there are more than “10 Worst Things to Happen to Black People…”. There are so many more. One that’s rarely prefaced by black people: The Refusal to Rebuke all the negativity that organizations, the government, television shows have ‘spewed’ in the black community. In many ways, this is the greatest crime/infliction committed…The Lack of Restraint. Black people all around this globe face countless challenges. What we need to do especially in the United States of America is gain/acquire the strength to ignore what CONTINUES to destroy the black family/community. Until then, the forces of devious intent will continue to WIN. And, please be mindful that The Devious are black too!

    • Tony Watt

      May 25, 2014 at 9:03 pm


  14. Markie Raye

    April 2, 2014 at 11:50 am

    All we need is to be taught The Principles and Philosophies of Marcus Garvey, and every little thing will be alright!!

  15. Devon

    April 2, 2014 at 12:31 pm

    Yall need to stop blaming slavery on 2014 bullsheit, bm and bw doing stupid sheit, stop doing stupid sheit and we get stronger as a race.

  16. Craig aka Trouble

    April 7, 2014 at 8:40 am

    The worst thing to happen to Black people in the last thirty years is that we have not been taught our true history and how to have self esteem based on this great history. Without it everything else said will happen. The second worst thing that happened in the last thirty years is the Information Technology revolution which we are not a significant part of. The entire world has been transformed by technological inventions such as the Internet, Cell phones, Cordless phones, DVD players, Computers, etc. and we are not even in the game. Thus we have been excluded from taking advantage of the most significant event in the history of mankind. We only consume the products the crank out every year instead of make them.

    • Tony Watt

      May 25, 2014 at 9:05 pm


  17. Rev Bullbone

    April 22, 2014 at 4:40 pm

    All Black people are NOT the same. There are several subgroupings based upon the degree to which we possess many or the attributes and values such as self-respect, career and life goals, time use – money – interpersonal – and management skills, having the ability to say “no” without apology, how well we carry ourselves and treat others, and whether or not we will or will not ceerfully work extremely hard and be unflappable in our efforts in order to get what we want and need. We have been strong and we can continue to be so until the end.

  18. reaper

    May 25, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    As much as I detest articles like this that merely skim the surface and never, ever touches on the real ills/issues that have affected blacks over the last 30 years and more: I further detest people who write articles like this, in their attempts at trying to use these forums as a focus group to tap the pulse of the Black community to use our replies, opinions and thoughts against us. This insidious and pusillanimous attempt at causing further division in our communities must and will stop when we began to realize, media such as this, is being used as a weapon against us…rather than to help…

    • Tony Watt

      May 25, 2014 at 9:07 pm


  19. John Brown

    May 25, 2014 at 8:58 pm

    If most people had mind of their own and did not become a slave to what the media and celebrities tells them what to do, more than half of these atrocities would simply not be allowed to happen to the people.

  20. LadyD

    May 25, 2014 at 9:18 pm

    Take this list and add to it. Discuss it with your spouse, your children and as many family members as possible who will partake in a family discussion on these matters. Devise ways and means to change and improve behaviors among your own families to avoid being like those on your list. Write your own family agenda and create a family code of conduct and include a family savings plan to imporve each others mental, physical and financial conditions from this day forward. Resolve to move forward as a family unit to create a better future for all who will abide by this new credo and code of conduct. Realize that no one can hurt us if we don’t give them permission to hurt us in any way. Realize that a healthy mind and healthy attitude toward one another will stop all foul play intended to harm us. Vow to show each other the love and respect you each deserve. Promise to be a true family unit that loves, protects, and supports one another and you and your loved ones will never be like those people you have included in your list. All black people need to do is change the way they feel about themselves and each other then no outside race can ever control our minds and hearts again. Only we can stop the maddness. When we get truely tired of being abused we will begin to stick together, respect each other, support each other and finally be able to move forward as a cohesive unit with a true sense of dignity and self-respect for one another. As black families we all know what our short comings are. We all are aware of what is wrong in our lives, we just have to start to react constructively and make the changes we all know we need to make so we can get on with our futures and stop repeating the same old failures. We either change behaviors or we die never being all we were intended to be, it’s just that simple.

  21. LadyD

    May 25, 2014 at 10:17 pm

    Just a few more words on this subject: As an oppressed people we need to turn off the television set, put away the cell phones, the tablets, the iPad and iPod, the Mp3 players etc., so we can give our minds a rest from the constant feeding of radiation that keeps us blinded and mentally dulled down preventing us from thinking for ourselves. Did you ever wonder why it is so important for us to be constantly entertained by these devices? Who profits from them? How have they improved our lives? They provide a continuous form of entertainment, a constant distraction from reality. The people on television get paid to distract you from reality. Who is paying you to disconnect from reality? Who is paying you to lose track of what is important and become an electronic zombie who is so zoned out that they can’t do anything to improve their own lives?

    Most of us don’t know how important it is to disconnect from the nonsense being fed into our minds on a daily basis. Most of us wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves without a television or cell phone. Most of us don’t pray or meditate on a daily basis. Most of us think what we see on television is really all there is to life. Most of us don’t ever stop to clear our heads or try to think of something that does not have to do with the technologies that are meant to constantly keep us entertained and unaware of what reality really is.

    Get out in nature, out in a park or go somewhere in an open air area and try to clear your mind, disconnect from the constant rhetoric that is fed to you constantly about Hollywood, Hip Hop, reality shows and other forms of nonsensical drama. Break away from that continuous feeding of mind-numbing rhetoric that is intended to stop us from thinking for ourselves. We are being programmed to be constant shoppers, consumers of stupidity, always wanting more of what makes us poor and corporations rich. Concentrate on saving money instead of spending every penny we get our hands on.

    The statement that black people need to “wake-up” is said often, but how many of us really know how to accomplish that? How many of us know that “waking up” involves actively disconnecting from the nonsense that is so openly being fed into our minds 24 hours a day. We must begin to clear our minds and hearts of the desire to be continuously entertained to death. You can’t live your life if you are constantly watching other people living their lives on television and then wanting to be like them or emulating them as if the way they are acting is what reality should be. Who writes the script for your life? How has constant entertainment improved your condition in the world? We need to focus our energy into doing constructive things that will make positive changes in our lives.

  22. Ageless

    May 25, 2014 at 10:50 pm

    You have created a short list that most agree with including myself.
    But being aware is not enough. Wanting things to change is not enough.
    Changes will not happen just because we wish it. It has been said, knowledge is power. But having knowledge is useless when not put to good use. Please forgive my referring to the movie beginning of the planet of the apes, when a reather large orangatang says, monkies stupid. Well, some of us are stupid! We have allowed this to go on for years. As you said, dancing to songs “When women went from being queens and wives to b*tches, hoes and baby’s mamas”. And acting like b*tches, hoes and baby’s mamas. The men are no better in this. As a child, I would not help the people I lived around go fight, so they started fighting me. I chose a better path. I live in comfort, have peace of mind and an asian wife. She adores me. I had married twice to black girls, but I could not progress because there was no peace at home with them. I gave up both times. Maybe I was weak but at those times, it was the best choice I had.

  23. andre

    May 25, 2014 at 11:02 pm

    why talk about the problems of african american people if your going to put the work in to help fix. it.

  24. j lewis

    May 25, 2014 at 11:50 pm

    Sorry nothing on the list apply to me and as f at as I know my circle of friends.

    Perhaps because we look for and expect documentation of everything we hear and read! We meet once a week at a home or in a restaurant to eat and discuss things, everything!

  25. Clarence M. Allen

    May 26, 2014 at 12:37 pm

    These are all true and valid facts, statements, and opinions. Today every evil occurrence is happening to not only blacks but in some incidents it carries over into other races. These events are all written inside of the scrolls of REGULATE! The Manual. Step in at are in here!

  26. Peter D. Slaughter

    May 26, 2014 at 9:12 pm

    Overall a great list and I am glad somebody came up with this.
    Now,let’s discuss a solution.

    I will mention 2 things that might help to get something started when it comes to better thinking.

    1. A new mental liberation paradigm for the 21st century for all black people.
    Leave this plantation stuff behind once and for all.
    Move beyond the civil rights era
    MLK,Malcolm X and The Black Panthers are not coming back to save black people from themselves.

    2. Somebody write a book for black men especially called
    Basic commonsense and better thinking
    Do not include any type of religion info since it will just further confuse and divide them overall.

  27. Cynthia

    May 30, 2014 at 12:36 am

    Reaper, you said it the best. This is another attempt to put each other down. We as a people have to remember 1 important thing and that is everytime 1 of us put 1 down we put us all down. Their would be no you without me and vice versa.

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