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Tamar Braxton calls out women who steal husbands and boyfriends away

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Reported By Liku Zelleke

It isn’t quite clear why for the time being, but it looks like Tamar Braxton is telling the wives and women in relationships of the world to sleep with one eye open and keep a lookout for the man-stealers on the prowl.

The baby of the house in the Braxton family has taken to Instagram to let the husband and boyfriend stealing women – she calls them “side chicks” – know exactly what she thinks of them.

One post warns women to hold on tight to their men and to talk as little as possible about their homes and families:

Ladies Listen! Stop letting everybody in your house cause they r there 2 c what u got! Stop talking about yo man cause she wants 2 see what u talking bout! Quit trusting chicks who claim they got a man & u never see him she could be talking about yours! Don’t give her yo mans # da slickness she talking 2yo man about is 2 move u out the way so she can have a place 2 stay!”

Things mustn’t have improved much a few days later when she posted another image with a message that read “You can’t compete with the woman a man can’t leave alone”.

She captioned it with words that seemed to have come from a very deep place:

Saw this & I had to Rp for the women who think this is cute…Just in case u r the BOMB or u #won cause u cheating with someone’s man…U #LOST cause u must NOT be all that for a man NOT to claim you and respect & Love you to show you off to the world! However…U can always tell when a woman ain’t married! Only full time side chicks think like this!! How’s that working for you? #wakeup #aOLDhoe #ifhelikeitthenhewillputaringonit #hecanttakeuoutinpublic #somebodycouldgethurt #youwill #sitallthewaydown