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Somalian Mother Beheaded In Front Of Her Daughters

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christian-beheadedBy Dr. Sinclair Grey III

Years ago, you could read about the numerous amount of people killed because of their faith. Unfortunately, that still happens today. Religious freedom in the United States must never be taken for granted because that freedom isn’t enjoyed in other countries. Before you read about this Somalian woman and her cousin getting beheaded for their religious belief, I want you to pause for a moment to think about your own religious freedom.

On March 4, a Christian woman who was a mother of two and her cousin were beheaded for publicly declaring their Christian faith. They were beheaded by al-Shabab Islamic extremists.

Yes, they were beheaded for their beliefs. Now here is something that’s even more damaging. The mother was beheaded in front of her two children.

The name of the mother was Sadia Ali Omar. Her cousin’s name was Osman Mohamoud Moge.

According to reports by Charisma News, “Before the two were martyred in front of many witnesses, sources report that the Islamic extremists said, ‘we know these two people are Christians who recently came back from Kenya—we want to wipe out any underground Christian living inside of mujahidin [jihadists’] area.’”

The rebel militia group Al-Shabab has vowed to rid Somalia of all Christians. They believe that converting from Islam to Christianity is punishable by death.

The regional manager for International Christian Concern, Corey Bailey said, ‘it is an injustice that a mother can be murdered in front of her children merely for being a devout follower of her chosen faith.’

Obviously, this type of killing or should I say, any killing for that matter must be addressed by the international community. The torture and killing of individuals professing their faith other than Islam must end. The brutal death of these two women should cause an immediate outcry from all those who are striving for peace.

Source: Charisma News

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