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Singer Monica explains how she had to confront her son’s teacher for bullying him

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Reported By Liku Zelleke

There is saying that goes something to theme of how you should never go between a tigress and her cubs. For those that can’t relate to that, it could be said that one should never get between Monica Brown and her kids.

Recently, while serving as a panel guest on Box Tops for Education Town Hall event, at the Georgia Aquarium, Monica spoke of an incident that occurred at her 8-year-old son, Rocko’s, school.

According to the real basketball wife, Rocko’s foreign language teacher snatched the boy up by his collar after she thought that he wasn’t sitting in the proper learning position. When the boy reported the incident to his mom, she knew she couldn’t let it slide.
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“She decided that he was not sitting in the proper learning position,” Monica said. “She decided that it was okay to snatch him by his collar and to throw him into the cubicle.”

She said that she wouldn’t have thought anything of it if a child is corrected after repeated instructions; “If you tell him to do something and he has not done it,” she agreed, “then that’s a different thing.”

But then she found out that the teacher was a repeat offender, “Then the children in the classroom began to share these stories of her pinching, pushing, squeezing hands until you get answers correct. She don’t belong ‘round mine.”

Knowing that confronting the teacher with the anger she felt could only result in worse trouble, Monica said that she took some time to calm herself before she did so.

“If you’re properly involved, you can asses these situations and properly handle them because I took a minute. I did not leave my home immediately because I knew that my immediate reaction was one I did not want my children to see, so I had to check me first. And that takes a lot. The new me is a better me. The old me, I don’t know if I could have checked her before she left.”

All went well, and Monica was satisfied with what happened later, “I was able to have a conversation with the principal, with her daughter [who is also their language teacher] and have a conversation that said we should talk with these children and her [foreign language teacher] and assess the situation.”

Monica believes that being involved in children’s school life is essential in that allows them to keep on top of things before they occur and then react calmly after they do.

“And that’s sometimes what you may have to do but that’s only when you’re properly involved. Most parents jump in only when they think something is wrong,” the mother-of-three said, ” I was able to make a good decision and handle it properly because I’m always involved.”