Sanaa Lathan’s Alleged NFL Lover Might Face Sëxual Assault Charges

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Colin Kaepernick and Sanaa Lathan. www.idatedaily.com.

Colin Kaepernick and Sanaa Lathan Via Instagram

Reported by Krystle Crossman

Last year, actress Sanaa Lathan posted an image of herself and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick on Instagram, sparking rumors that the two were lovers. She later confirmed during a promo run for “The Best Man Holiday” that they were just friends.

Today, Kaepernick, Seattle Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette, and Kaepernick’s teammate Quinton Patton are under investigation for an incident that occurred at the Viceroy Hotel in Miami, FL. The incident allegedly started at Lockette’s apartment, where three women were with the athletes. One of the women alleges that the players forced her to drink shots and take hits off of a bong filled with marijuαna.

The woman said that she felt lightheaded and went into a bedroom to rest. She says she was followed by Kaepernick. The two have a relationship history; however she says that they did not have sëx that night. Kaepernick left the room after the other two men peeked in and were yelled at by the woman to get out.

The woman woke up the next day in a hospital and says that she had no idea why she was there or what had happened the night before. She filed a report with the police about the incident on April 3rd, even though she does not remember anything that happened after Kaepernick left the room. They are currently investigating the situation and looking at the possibility of sëxual assault charges depending on what they find.

The 49ers are remaining cautious and taking the allegations against their starting quarterback very seriously. This event is out of character for Kaepernick, as he has been a very well-liked and respected professional athlete who has never really been in trouble. The 49ers are currently working on obtaining a long-term deal with him after he lead the team to winning the Superbowl two years ago.