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President Obama protects the first lady from an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction

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Reported By Liku Zelleke

Ever the gentleman, President Barack Obama, made sure that his wife, Michelle, didn’t reveal more than was necessary when he lent her a hand just as her skirt was suddenly whisked up by a strong breeze – not once, but twice.

The presidential couple was in Texas on Thursday to attend events that commemorated the civil rights movements that started in the 60’s. They visited the LBJ Presidential Library and took part in ceremonies held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.

President Obama lauded President Johnson’s law signings by pointing out the importance of taking political risks to further good causes. He credited those laws for opening doors that allowed him to pursue a career that led him all the way to the White House.

“They swung open for you and they swung open for me,” President Obama said.

The first incident with the skirt occurred as the couple boarded Air Force One in Houston. The wind was strong to begin with, and as the couple reached halfway up the stairs there was a sudden gust.

But it wasn’t too sudden for the president, who realized that his partner would have some really embarrassing pictures staring at her the following day, and jumped in and stopped Michelle’s skirt from flying up over her head by strategically placing a hand over his wife’s rear.

The President’s reflexes should be admired when it comes to protecting his wife, because, he made sure that the stubborn, but amazingly chic, blue and black skirt knew exactly who was in command.

He had to protect his lady when she also walked down the stairs of Air Force One as they arrived in Austin. During this incident, the President just had his hands hovering around the front of the skirt – just in case.
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The Presidential couple was all smiles and a-joking as they made their way off the tarmac, with the non-relenting gusts of wind tugging at their clothing.

The world’s media are praising the President for his reactions and comparing it to a similar incident that occurred when the Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, disembarked from her flight in Wellington, New Zealand.

Although, in her case, she was helpless and with one hand holding baby Prince George she avoided “full disclosure” by sheer luck.