Police Officers Force Black Female Onto Urine-Soaked Floor In Attack

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19 Year old Nubia Bowe was arrested and beaten by DART police officers.

Nubia Bowe (center)

Reported by Barry Burch Jr.

Most of us realize that police are human beings, meaning they have virtually no control  over their bias. So the idea that some of them do not racially profile is outlandish.  Of course, it would be nice if this was not the case, but there is a plethora of evidence which proves that it is.  According to one attorney, the most recent evidence involves the aggressive and allegedly wrongful arrest of a young woman from the Bay area who was accused of dancing on the train.

The woman arrested was a 19-year-old Black female.  An eyewitness, who has since recanted their statement, told authorities that Nubia Bowe and her friends were the dancers.

“We were on the train minding our own business when a man entered the train with two BART officers and told them it was us,” said one of Bowe’s friends, Levi Allen.  “The guy came from a different car, and we had never seen him before.”

Despite pleas from bystanders on the train to stop because they were arresting the wrong people, Bowe and her friends were immediately placed in handcuffs.  Some passengers even informed the police about the actual dancers exiting the train a stop before.

During the arrest, Bowe was not only slammed to the ground, but she was struck repeatedly.  One passenger said that her “mouth was full of blοοd at this point.”

Passengers are seen attempting to reason with the officers to no avail in a video that was captured on a cellular phone.  Bowe can be heard screaming, “Let me go!”

BART police claim the reason for their actions was that Bowe and her friends “did not cooperate and became combative.”

One officer said “one suspect bit one officer” on his left arm.

While Bowe’s two friends were released after being cited, she was kept for four days and was allegedly denied even making a phone call.  Bowe says she wishes she could say that was the end of the story.

According to Bowe, following accusations of her making an attempt to harm one of the guards, she was put into restraints and beaten again by officers.

“Three male guards and one female guard came in my cell and beat me up,” said Bowe.  “They hit me and then said that I assaulted one of them.  So they chained my wrists to my ankles and tipped me over onto the urine-soaked ground so I couldn’t get up.”

The bail for Bowe was set at $120,000.  There are four misdemeanor charges against her, including resisting arrest.  The incident has caused her to be dismissed from her training program at Treasure Island Job Corps.

Bowe’s legal representative is civil rights attorney Dan Siegel.  He said incidents like this are not uncommon for BART police.

“This case represents another example of racial profiling by BART police,” said Siegel.  “Although the end isn’t as tragic, it’s similar to the Oscar Grant case.  Some person made a complaint about dancing on BART, Nubia and her friends were not the people dancing, and yet, she still faces two sets of charges for allegedly fighting with police and resisting arrest.”

On New Year’s Day 2009, BART officers responding to reports of a fight on a train, fatally shοt an unarmed Black male named Oscar Grant.

There are two trial dates which have been released for Bowe.  On Aug. 5 the charges pertaining to the arrest at the BART station will be addressed, and on May 19, the pretrial hearing pertaining to the alleged attacks at the jail in Santa Rita will take place.


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