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People Upset That Woman Asked Steve Harvey How To Have Fun As A Christian

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79013ecab00487f19c85eaa6becdee21By Nigel Boys

A woman asked Steve Harvey, on his show, “Ask Steve,” what he thought she could do to get more excitement out of life, now that she had given up drinking, smoking, hanging around with bad men and started going back to her church.

Although she shouldn’t have been surprised by Harvey’s answer, because he is a comedian, his advice may not have been what she wanted to hear and it certainly wasn’t what some other viewers wanted to hear him say.

Some of Steve’s viewers did not appreciate the advice he gave the woman who was only looking to spice up her life, because she believed it had become boring, especially since he advised her to do that which most Christians would consider to be a sin, go to Vegas and gamble.

Maybe the woman didn’t realize that she was on a show that intends to get a laugh out of the audience, or maybe she thought that Harvey could give up his funny comments and give her some serious spiritual advice.

Whatever, the reason she asked him this question, most people believe that she should have gone to a pastor or other spiritual leader for advice and not a man who makes jokes for a living.

Before Harvey gave his humorous reply, the woman had just finished telling him that although she was now happy in her life, she wished for more excitement in it while still remaining faithful to God.

Of course the comedian couldn’t resist making fun of the situation and promptly told the woman that she should go to Vegas and shoot craps or play blackjack, if she knew how. He added that the Bible was silent on gambling and he went to Vegas all the time, even though he was a Christian.

Harvey went on to say that the reason he went to Vegas, was so that he could remain a faithful Christian and pay his tithes to the church.

Hearing the eruption of laughter from the audience, Harvey followed up his advice to the woman by telling her that she should have a drink occasionally, because he didn’t know any Christians who didn’t drink alcohol. He added, “You the only Christian I know who don’t drink. Go to ‘Happy Hour’ and then go on to church.”


  1. jacqueline

    May 26, 2014 at 8:57 pm

    now he is a comedian what did she expect him to say Lol!

  2. r calhoun

    May 27, 2014 at 8:11 am

    I understand the reasoning behind the concern over Mr. Harvey’s statement, but please tell people to have some common sense. He is a comedian, it’s his job to get laughs, so we have to tell people to learn to discern what’s right and what’s wrong when something is spoken!!! COMMON SENSE FOLKS!!!

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