Pastor Calls Out Nancy Pelosi For Promoting Abοrtions Following Death of Young Woman

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Lakisha Wilson died after after going to abortion facility Pretem in Cleveland OH.

Lakisha Wilson

By Nigel Boys

During the funeral procession of 22-year-old Lakisha Wilson, a young woman who died following a procedure for an abοrtion, residents throughout Cleveland, OH gathered to mourn the city’s loss. Among the mourners were respected community leaders Dr. Day Gardner of the National Black Pro-Life Union and Director of African-American Outreach Alveda King at Priest for Life.

King stated that the day was a sad day for all women because the Preterm abοrtion mill would continue with its practice of taking the life of innocent unborn children and women. King prayed God would give comfort to the family of the deceased young woman and put an end to the practice of abοrtions that has taken the life of so many women and defenseless children.

King went on to say that abοrtion on demand is slaughtering women and babies across the U.S., especially in the African-American community because black women make up 36 percent of the total number of abοrtions performed in the country, although they only account for 13 percent of the population. An abοrtion on demand allows women to follow through with the procedure without any waiting periods and/or having to provide proof of rαpe or any other reason for the abοrtion.

King continued, “Lakisha is a victim of ‘choice,’ just like Tonya Reaves was in 2012, when Planned Parenthood let her bleed to deαth after a botched abοrtion.” He added, “Our women are dying, and people like Nancy Pelosi are calling for more abοrtion. America needs to recognize it has a problem. Abοrtion is never the answer.”

Reportedly, Wilson had died the same day that she had gone into the Preterm clinic, but she was kept alive for another seven days on life support machines so that her organs could be harvested at the hospital. She was five months pregnant on the day of her demise.

Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, said that the deαth of Lakisha was a senseless waste of human life. He added that because abοrtion on demand is still legalized in the U.S., many more women’s lives were at risk from these ungodly abοrtion clinics.

Executive director of Priests for Life, Janet Morana, said that abοrtion should be stopped before more women are put in danger of losing their lives. The author of “Recall Abοrtion,” continued by asking how many more women must die before the government realizes that abοrtion clinics should be shut down.

King added that abοrtion clinics are nothing more than “houses of horrors” which should be exposed and put an end to or at the very least, strictly regulated.


  1. aleximaq

    April 9, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    I stand by my original feelings on this matter….THIS IS TERRIBLE!!!!! A young lady is gone…she was someone’s mother, a daughter, a sister and I am sure a friend. And now she is gone….and so many lives are going to forever be altered because of this tragedy….

  2. Rhea Johnson

    July 12, 2020 at 6:07 am

    Hi! I’m a German Single Mom living in Paso, I found your article to be soooo Usefull!

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