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Nene Leakes says Porsha Williams was right to beat down Kenya Moore

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Reported By Liku Zelleke

Nene Leakes, 46, is having second thoughts about going on with “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” after the brawl that occurred between co-stars Porsha Williams, 31, and Kenya Moore, 43, during a reunion gathering.

Leakes was on “The Arsenio Hall Show” last week and talked about the incident and how she thinks the show has changed for the worse.

“You know what?” she said to Arsenio, “The pay is OK, but I don’t know if it’s worth what you saw on the clip… I began this so many years ago with other girls, and I’m the only original that’s left. It has changed a lot over the years.”

The original cast she’s talking about included Lisa Wu-Hartwell, DeShawn Snow, Kim Zolciak and Shereé Whitfield who were with her when the show started in 2008.

“I thought, or at least I think, people would tune in to see ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ because they would get to see the fabulousness, and a good old read, and never the hair pulling and the punching and all that kind of stuff,” Nene added.

“Things have just changed,” she went on, “We have new cast members that bring a little bit of bitterness to the cast. So, therefore, you have to get bitter with those girls.”

Nene then said that she thought Porsha was in the right. She talked of examples of how Kenya would provoke her by talking to her using a megaphone and annoy her using other props.
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During the fight, Nene had held her hand over Porsha’s mouth while she flailed underneath her. When Arsenio asked her what she was thinking at the moment, Nene said, “Porsha scared me, like she blacked out or something. I wanted her to be quiet because she was saying so much and I didn’t want her to say something incriminating.”

She said that it was important to keep up with contract demands by not incriminating oneself and had even admitted that she used to think that every season would be her last.

“For me,” she said about the show,” it’s like a blessing and a curse. Also, it can put a lot of money in your pocket.”