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NBA Star Joe Johnson Gets Mandated To Stop Interfering With His Child’s Mother’s Life

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nba_a_johnsonj1_576Joe Johnson, professional basketball player of the Brooklyn Nets has been given a court ordered warning to fulfill the requirements as part of the custody agreement between him and the mother of his 6 year old son, Shannon Becton.
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HiphopWired cites “interfering with the relationship of his son and kid’s mother” as reason for the court order. Johnson was found in contempt and in breach of his custody agreement on March 11, 2014.

TMZ Sports reports that the court order was filed in Georgia. Records report that Johnson has not been updating Becton on the progress of their son’s performance in school and extracurricular activities when in his care: “I am unaware of my child’s whereabouts, and [Joe] is interfering with me maintaining a healthy relationship with my son.”  Another breach of the agreement is that Becton sometimes only speaks to her son once a week “if lucky” when her son is in Johnson’s custody. Another issue brought up, was that of Johnson’s travel schedule. As a basketball player he travels a lot and Becton claims that often the son is left with a nanny.

The final grievance for Becton was the broken agreement that required Johnson to pay for her flight to New York to visit their son. Unfortunately, the records show that this agreement was not met. Johnson has custody of his son, but if he does not meet the agreed upon custody agreement he will face jail time.

Johnson has played for the Phoenix Suns, Atlanta Hawks and now the Brooklyn Nets. Hailing from Little Rock Arkansas, he has been playing basketball for over a decade and now has a bona fide career as a basketball star.  Hopefully this can be worked out between Becton and Johnson. And hopefully this can be worked out sooner than later, as it is their 6 year old’s son health and well-being that matters the most.

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