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Mom says it was months before she realized her father had gotten her pregnant

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Too many families possess the kinds of deep, dark secrets that no one ever talks about.  Then, when those secrets are revealed, and children find out they’ve been lied to for a lifetime, it’s that much more hurtful.

Tiara Stevens loves her son a great deal, but found herself asking the kind of question that no mother should ever be forced to ask herself about the child she loves so much:  Is he my brother or my son? 

According to paternity tests, it turns out that he is both.  Tiara says that when she was 12-years old, her father got her pregnant.   She even says that she didn’t know that her father was making a baby inside her when the incidents took place, because she was too young and naive to know what was happening to her body.

“He never told me what he was doing,” said Stevens, according to WIS-TV. “It was just late at night. He would come in, take my clothes off, and he would have sex. And he would leave and he would say, ‘You better not stay up all night,’ and I would go in the bathroom and I would cry. The next night he may not do it, but the next night, he would repeat the same thing.”

The 27-year old woman says that she didn’t know for months that she was carrying her own father’s baby.  Then, she went into labor and had to be taken to the hospital.

“The only place I went was to the hospital,” said Stevens. “Never went to any doctors appointments or anything. Only thing I remember is passing out at school. I really didn’t get big or nothing.”

In an even more disgusting turn of events, she says that it was her father who realized that the little girl was pregnant.  How did he find out?  He realized it when he was on top of her, trying to enter her womb.

“He had done what he usually did to me and the baby kicked and whenever he did, he said, ‘Get up, hold your shirt up. You’re pregnant,'” said Stevens.

It’s been over a decade, but the case against her father is going to court finally.  The child is now a teenager and because in-breeding is disruptive to the genetic process, the boy is both blind and an albino.   But despite these challenges, Tiara says that her son is a smart child.

“He loves computers,” said Stevens. “So that’s what he’s working on at school. He’s in 9th grade now. He’s a freshman.”

If you hear about abuse happening in your family or someone else’s, do not remain silent about it.  Call the authorities immediately, for you might save someone’s life in the process.