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Mimi Faust’s New Video gets a whopping $400,000 in pre-orders

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Did we ever say that “sexx sells?”  Mimi Faust from Love & Hip-Hop is about to release an explicit video through Vivid Entertainment.  The company paid her $100,000 to do the tape, and VH-1 is helping her to promote it.  The investment appears to have paid off for the company.  According to TMZ, the tape is one of the fastest-selling videos the company has ever released, selling $400,000 in presales.

The company is stunned, and Steve Hirsch of Vivid told TMZ that they were able to make this money off the trailer alone.

The company is most excited about the future, since this is just the tip of the iceberg.  She is going to make them rich. 

But entertainer Steve Harvey recently spoke about Mimi and the tape and warned other young women not to follow her advice.  “You’re sitting on a gold mine,” said Harvey.  “Don’t give it away cheap.”

Harvey also said to Mimi on the air that her daughter is going to see the tape one day and it’s not going to be good.

Dr Boyce Watkins, a public intellectual, also said that the tape is a bad short-term investment.

“I’m not sure how her daughter is going to feel about going to school knowing that half the boys have seen her mother in her rawest form,” said Dr Watkins.

How do you feel Mimi’s experiment is going to go?  Yay or nay?


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