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Michelle Obama Gets Interviewed With A High School Student

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MichelleObamaHarlemStudent1396444998188.cached-300x199By April Taylor

Nene Sy, an 18 year old high school senior from Harlem, landed an interview that many people would love to get.  She landed an interview with First Lady Michelle Obama, and to top it off, she got to interview her at the White House.  The video Sy put together from the interview was shown on the final morning of the Women in the World conference held at the Lincoln Center.

The Grio posted a video of an interview completed by the Today Show’s Lester Holt where she discussed the selection process for being able to complete the interview.  Organizers wanted the person chosen to interview the First Lady to be someone who was the first person in their family to go to college.  Sy found out about her being chosen as the interviewer on her birthday, and she was very excited at the opportunity.

Sy discussed that she watched several videos of the First Lady to help prepare her questions for the interview.  One of the issues the First Lady has focused on is education, and Sy had questions about the subject.
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  One of the more personal things Sy wanted to discuss with Obama was the fact that she was also the first person in her family to graduate from college.  When Sy asked what advice Obama had for her as she prepares to graduate and enter her first year of college, Obama responded by telling her to push all doubt out of her head.  Obama also stressed that she should also be willing to ask for help from others because the goal of graduating college is not something that is meant to be accomplished alone.  Sy appears to be prepared seize the opportunities in front of her and continue to make the most out of her experiences.