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Man infected his girlfriend with HIV; his wife died of AIDS

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A man in Chicago might be going to prison after allegedly giving HIV to his girlfriend.  Johanson Little reportedly lied to his girlfriend about his status and she ended up getting infected.  When his actions were reported to the police, they pressed charges against him.

The man dated the woman for a year from June 2012 until June 2013, according to  Assistant State’s Attorney Dan Griffin.  The woman tested positive for HIV this past February, according to Griffin.   She says that she was faithful to the man during the relationship and because she hadn’t slept with anyone else, she knew that he was the one who’d infected her. 

The way the woman found out about the man’s status was from the family of his wife.  Little told his girlfriend that his wife had died from Ovarian cancer, which was untrue.  Actually, she’d died from AIDS.  This is what led her to get tested and to question Little’s past.

When she confronted Little on his health status, this was when he confessed to being HIV positive.   In fact, he wasn’t recently infected and had been positive since 2003.

Little is being held on $750,000 bail and being charged with criminal transmission of HIV, which is a class two felony.

Black women are the fastest-growing group of people being infected with HIV.  Be selective when choosing partners, always wear a protection (even when giving and receiving oral), and get confirmation of your partner’s status.