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Man Goes Nuts on woman in McDonald’s Drive thru, yells racial slurs

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Police say that a man was upset after believing that a woman cut him off in the McDonald’s drive thru.  This sent him into a McDonald’s version of road rage, as he attacked the woman and punched her in the face.

According to Winter Haven Police, Howard Carl Wilson, a Florida man, was in one of the double lanes at the restaurant when he took offense at a woman cutting in front of him.    Brittani Thomas was the victim of the man’s rage and to top it off, the man yelled racial slurs at the woman as he attacked her.  She was sitting on the passenger side of the car when all of this went down on video.

The woman probably didn’t expect to be physically attacked, as she got out of her car and asked the man what the problem was.  She was seen on her phone trying to shut the door, but the man held the door open so he could yell at her.    After Wilson reached into the car and punched her in the face, he got into his van and drove away.

Police came Wilson’s house after the incident, and he said that he was at the McDonald’s.  But he says that he didn’t hit the woman and was only at her car for 15 seconds.  However, after seeing the video, he had to change his story.  He has been charged with Simple Battery at the Polk County Jail.

 Are you surprised that this happened in Florida? This is where Trayvon and Jordan Davis once lived before they were randomly attacked by angry white people. What’s going on here?