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Latifah Explains Her Gay Wedding Ceremony In Jet Magazine

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Queen-LatifahBy: Stephanie Allen-Gobert

Queen Latifah, born Dana Owens, 44 is still a beauty among the beauties. Rumors of the “queen’s” sexuality have buzzed around for years. Is she gay or not? Latifah, being the women that she is has never let the title/rumors define her status as a celebrity, woman, or the abilities of her talents. Latifah and her pretty smile have recently graced the cover of JET magazine. Queen is addressing the current events that have circulated around her life, including her Grammy officiating of a huge marriage ceremony, which featured several gay couples.

During this year’s Grammy Awards, Latifah vested the power of marriage as Maclemore & Ryan Lewis performed their pro-gay hit “Same Love.” She took pride in the moment, no pun intended, as she relayed to JET, “It was a beautiful moment and not a political decision…I knew it would make a statement and I’m fine with the statement it made.”

In 2012, she was the guest of honor at the LGBT Pride Festival, so she’s definitely no stranger to pinning her personal beliefs on her sleeve.

Queen Latifah says she owes her strength to the adversity she faced coping with the 1992 death of her brother, who passed away on a motorcycle she gifted him with. “I believed it ruined my life,” she recalls. “I probably had a five-year interruption in any type of personal growth. There were some things I didn’t learn in my twenties because I was disconnected emotionally. I could only get so close or feel so much.”

Latifah talk show, ‘The Queen Latifah Show’ has been renewed for a second season on CBS stations. In its original debut last September, the show had a strong 1.7 rating, putting it jut behind Katie Couric’s talk show.

Readers can catch the full interview when the entire issue hits the newsstands on April 21.