Kelly Rowland Has A Strange Way Of Expressing Her Beauty

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Kelly_RowlandBy: Stephanie Allen-Gobert

As Kelly Rowland’s wedding to Tim Witherspoon draws near, the world can’t wait to see the beauty Kelly will bestow on us. Although, Kelly is reporting that the wedding will be just a nice peaceful day with her new hubby and their mothers only. One can only imagine on her wedding day the precise attention that will given to every detail including wardrobe and make up.  Kelly has spent several countless hours in a makeup chair throughout her career, with personal makeup artist at her finger tips, but the beauty has favorite makeup tip she taught herself-drawing beauty marks on her face and said she will never leave the house without one.

“I like moles. I think they’re the cutest thing. It’s all Marilyn Monroe’s fault,” she told PEOPLE. “I remember one day seeing the black duo glue that I put my lashes on with [and trying it on my face]. I let it dry and it was raised and everything. It was the cutest stinking mole, and I was sold. I never walked out the house without a mole. It can be anywhere on my face-it’s the forever moving mole. Now it’s over her [she points]; I have a blemish, it’s helping me out.”

Style news caught up with the singer at an event celebrating her role as Caress’s new celebrity “Fabulista,” hoping to inspire woman to take time for themselves with the line’s shower product. “Sometimes we get so caught up with what we do every day…It becomes kind of robotic in a way,” she shares. “We have to always continue to just refresh ourselves. I grew in a hair salon where I’ve seen women do that. They come in the hair salon and they tell my aunt, ‘I need something new!’ and she gives them a short cut or highlights. We always need that, I think it invigorates.

With or without the mole, Kelly will continue to inspire with her beauty and elegance.


  1. annrowe

    April 2, 2014 at 2:08 am

    I knew Kelly would grow into her own, she is awesome!!!, she seem so down to earth. She deserve the best, she worked hard to accomplish what she has.

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