Joan Rivers Refuses to Apologize For Hurtful Remarks About Girls Held In Captivity

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Joan Rivers refuses to apologize after telling an insensitive joke about girls who were held in captivity in a cleveland home for 10 years. www.naturallymoi.com


Reported by Barry Burch Jr.

Comedians sometimes believe that what they say should not be scrutinized because they are simply joking; however not everything that occurs in the world is a laughing matter.  A prime example of a situation that deserves nothing less than people’s sympathy and understanding is the case of two women who were held in captivity and repeatedly sëxually assaulted in a Cleveland home for more than a decade.

Discussing the case on a gossip website, comedian Joan Rivers said of the women: “They got to live rent free for more than a decade.” The two women’s attorneys are currently asking Rivers to apologize; however, the television personality claims she has absolutely no plans to do so.

Rivers first said something about the victims in a conversation with her daughter on NBC’s “Today” show. Rivers was making complaints about her living arrangement in her daughter’s guest bedroom and said, “Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space,” according to EURWeb.com.

The two women interested in receiving apologies are Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus.  Their lawyers released a statement on Wednesday, referring to Rivers’ remark as hurtful and shocking.  Their argument is clear – the women have already suffered enough.  They were made to endure a plethora of painful media attention and a comment like Rivers’ is “a new low” that definitely deserves an “I’m sorry.
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Berry, DeJesus, and one other woman named Michelle Knight, escaped from captivity last year.  Ariel Castro, their kidnapper, took his own life while in prison.

When The Plain Dealer reached out to Rivers for a comment on Wednesday, she made it clear that her joke was something she was sticking by.  “I know what those girls went through. It was a little, stupid joke,” she told the paper.  “There is nothing to apologize for.  I made a joke.  That’s what I do.  Calm down. “

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