Former Mayoral candidate has had 27 calls to 911 from his home and police find nothing

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By Liku Zelleke

Someone, or something, has got the Pittsburgh police baffled. Over a period of 5 weeks, they have been rushing to a house after they’ve received distress calls. So far, they have been dispatched 27 times and found nothing out of order and no one in danger or in harm’s way.

The house belongs to former mayoral candidate of the city, A.J. Richardson, and he lives in it with his wife, Felicia, and their two children.

While Richardson has had run-ins with the police before (he was arrested in 2013 for threatening a neighbor while intoxicated), this time around the police have been able to find absolutely nothing wrong, despite the 911 calls being made from his address.

In the latest incident, dispatchers, who have reportedly heard the voice of a woman and young child in distress during the calls, sent officers to the house as is protocol.

When they arrived there, a fed up Richardson said that he wasn’t going to allow them to proceed inside without a search warrant.

The officers came back with one and went through the house – in vain.

Felicia Richardson said, “There’s no other female in this home and I’m not being detained, not being strangled, not being beaten, held at gunpoint, assaulted and my children are not calling 911 saying that they are in distress, missing whatever.”

She had even had her telephone service provider look into it, but they too seem to be scratching their heads.

“They came up with nothing, and they verified that no 911 distress calls were being made from my home,” she said.

Meanwhile, A.J. Richardson told of the pressure he and his family have had to endure when he said, “It’s wearing and tearing on me and my family mentally, spiritually and emotionally. When the cops leave, they’re still with us in our minds, our hearts. We have to work through this.”

Police spokeswoman Sonya Toler said that the bureau was looking into its options and that the calls couldn’t be ignored.

The district attorney’s office is also looking it into the case.
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