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Eva Marcille files restraining order against scary boyfriend, and then takes smiling pictures with him

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Eva Marcille (formerly Eva Pigford) was known as the winner of “America’s Next Top Model.”  She  also received media attention when she had a child with her boyfriend Kevin McCall.  According to TMZ, all is not right with their relationship, however.  The network says that Eva filed a restraining order against Kevin on March 28th.  She received the order she requested, which stated that Kevin was abusive and scary enough to be a threat.  Eva also said that Kevin kicked down doors and chased her around the house trying to get his daughter back.

Even worse, Eva said that the man tried to punch her in a fit of violence and pure rage.   As a result, the “dangerous” and scary man was ordered to stay 100 yards away from Eva.

But here’s the strange part.  Just a few days later on April 4th, the two were smiling together and taking pictures with their daughter.  They even put a hashtag on their instagram pics, stating #familyfirst.  If family is really first, then why was she just telling a judge that her man should be sent to jail if he comes within 100 feet of her or his daughter?

So, was Eva lying in her restraining order about her man being abusive, frightening and violent or is she confused enough to get back together with a terrible human being?  Do people go overboard and not take police involvement in their relationships seriously?  What do you think?