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Desperate for publicity? Love & Hip-Hop Producers help push sexx tape of Mimi Faust

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When a show is hungry for ratings, there is almost nothing they won’t do.  Mimi Faust from the VH1 reality TV show, “Love & Hip-Hop” has an adult tape out with her boyfriend on the show, Nikko Smith.  The two made the tape to promote themselves Kim Kardashian style, pushing the tape with a company called Vivid.

Steve Hirsch, the CEO of Vivid, told TMZ that he asked the couple if they wanted to release the video once it arrived on his desk.  They then went to the producers of the show to ask permission and they were happy to see the tape get out to the public.  When you’re trying to draw more attention to a show whose ratings aren’t what they used to be, why not make a sexx tape and push it?

The new business venture is set to be released next month.  Way to go Love & Hip-Hop, you’ve now set a new low for television.

Mimi herself, like a lot of women on Love & Hip-Hop isn’t married.  And, with a new sexx tape on the market, she may always be single unless Nikko decides he wants to put a ring on it.   She’s worth about $1.5 million dollars, according to, and was once the girlfriend of Stevie J, the hip-hop music producer who is also in big financial trouble for owing over a million dollars in child support.

So, if you want to learn how to be stupid, you should watch this show.  They are giving very good lessons on how to make really bad decisions.