Cosmetics Line Creates Makeup to Help Women Camouflage Severe Skin Conditions

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Dermabland is a cosmetics line that uses makeup to empower women.

Cheri Lindsay shows how makeup empowers her to camouflage the discoloration of her skin from vitiligo

Reported by Barry Burch Jr.

Makeup can be used as an empowering tool for women, and there is a new cosmetics ad that seems to be aimed at illustrating this point.

Cosmetics brand Dermablend has released two videos, which show women with varying skin conditions explaining what makeup means to them personally.  They say that the makeup is a way for them to present themselves to the world as what they feel to be their genuine selves.  The women attempt to make it clear that they are not trying to hide anything.

One of the women in the video, Cheri Lindsay (pictured above), lives with a skin depigmentation condition called vitiligo.  She uses the makeup to camouflage her condition, which helps her to act as herself, as reported by Mail Online.

“People could look completely through it and see who I was as a person,'” said Lindsay.  “It made me a little bit more approachable.”

The video begins with Lindsay introducing herself, stating her name and then making a confession: “…This is my Camo Confession.”  She then proceeds to wipe her face with a towel, revealing a much lighter skin tone on her face.  Lindsay said her condition began while she was a sophomore in college living in Texas.

“I have been told that sun exposure just makes it spread that much faster,” she said.  “All of this came within the past three years or so, and it was shocking to me at first… It’s not that easy to deal with.”

Lindsay has been able to keep a positive mindset throughout, but she said that at the beginning it took some time to reflect.  She continued, “When I first got vitiligo, I had to ask myself a couple different questions, the first being, ‘Does it hurt?’  No.  ‘Is it contagious?’  Not at all.  And ‘Can I still live with this and be successful?’  Hell yes.”

Lindsay said that she is proud of how she uses makeup now.  Before it was a tool she used for hiding, but now it is a tool she uses for revealing her true self.

Dermablend was created in 1981, and it is a ‘camouflage’ cosmetics brand, as reported by Mail Online.  It was specially designed for the benefit of women with mild to severe skin conditions.

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