Conservative Attorney Believes Women Should Be Forced to Need Men

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Phyllis Schlafly says the wage gap between men and women should be increased.

Phyllis Schlafly

Reported by Krystle Crossman

Women have struggled for a long time to be paid the same wage that men who hold the same position are paid. To date, women get paid $0.76 to every dollar that a man makes.

The Republican party has been working relentlessly to get female voters, as they have lost many female voters due to some of their offensive remarks regarding women’s rights. Adding insult to injury, the Republican party recently voted the Paycheck Fairness Act down and said that the Democrats were just trying to get it to pass because they want to distract everyone from Obamacare. The Republican party seems to have been trying to downplay the plight of women everywhere by dismissing the wage gap issue.

Phyllis Schafly, a conservative Constitutional attorney, stated that the gap in wages is not large enough. Schafly has been dubbed the “Wicked Witch of the Midwest” due to her extreme anti-feminist and conservative views. In an interview, she stated that women should be making less than men so that they have an easier time finding a husband. Her theory is that if women make even less money than men, they will feel the need to find one in order to survive. She says that men want to be the breadwinners of the family and if the wage gap were eliminated, men would not feel that they have as much of a purpose when it comes to bringing home earnings and women wouldn’t be able to find someone that they would consider to be a suitable husband.

Schafly is more of a traditional values type of person and this has earned her a reputation as someone who is hard and uncaring. The Republican party, as a whole, has been trying to deviate away from having more white male voters than women, but they seem to downplay important issues that would bring in female voters — the wage gap and rαpe conversations are two examples of issues that they seem to downplay.



  1. Eye-Riss

    April 16, 2014 at 2:35 pm

    Women like this I believe have never worked or had to provide for a family. They live a life of being taken care of and being at the whim and mercy of a man. How dare she expect women in this day and age to be less in order for a man to appear like he is worth more? Equal work requires equal pay. Wake up women in this society!! Stop thinking you are nothing without being married and with children. That lifestyle is not for everyone. All should not be punished with low wages or a low minimum wage in order to meet the vision of servitude this conservative attorney lives and believe in. This is not the 1940-s and 50’s!

  2. firegirl

    April 18, 2014 at 8:35 am

    A man should not be intimidated by what his wife earns or feel less than a man unless he is not a man. Men think that the definition of a man is sleeping around, work but not necessarily support, have children that they don’t support but brag about having. And yes women need to make the same or more money, because we have become the heads of our household not because we want to, because we have no choose. It’s hard on a good woman and instead of being the women that allow a married man to lay in your bed because some of us are no good to. If those women didn’t exsist they would have nowhere to turn but home, these men are not what the bible defines as a man, yes they are supposed to be the King of their castle but you can’t rule over something that you can’t take care of and that is why the roles have changed because us women are doing the damn thang. This is not the 1950’s when women were house wives, and cooked and cleaned and took care of the kids had dinner for the husband who worked and paid all the bills and supported his family, that came with a hefty price while she was hiding the beating and abuse because she couldn’t leave, because she didn’t know how to earn a living so they were prisoners in their own home, do you mean those men. No we have come a long way baby.

  3. bubbles

    April 29, 2014 at 8:42 pm

    YES1 firegirl, you are on fire with that comment!it’s true!

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